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HSRII Wins First Health System Global Social Media Awards

Arun Nair, Tustee & Coordinator - Knowledge Management receiving award on behalf of HSRII team

Health Systems Research India Initiative (HSRII) an Trivandrum based not-for-profit organisation won the first Health Systems Global Social Media Awards at the Third Global Symposium on Health System Research held at Cape Town from 30th September to 3rd October 2014. HSRII was awarded recognizing the best use of Facebook platform by an organization to inform, advocate, and engage about health systems

Health Systems Research India Initiative (HSRII) is a fast growing network of health systems researchers and practitioners and the main objective of this initiative is “Strengthening Health Systems through Knowledge Exchange”. HSRII is a social platform aimed at facilitating knowledge dissemination of health systems and implementation research in India. The concept of this initiative is to collate and disseminate health systems knowledge and to strengthen health systems development by bringing together academic institutions, policymakers, researchers, practitioners, community, government, media and implementation agencies.

This network was started in 2010 through HSRII-Knowledge Exchange Platform (HSRII KEP). HSRII Knowledge exchange platform was initiated with the primary objective of disseminating health systems research and implementation issues and to stimulate vibrant discussions on topics of importance. HSRII Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) consists of a diverse group of members with expertise in health systems research, public health, hospital management, social sciences and environmental sciences. In addition to this, HSRII also provides knowledge support to various health systems initiatives across the country.

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